Rules & Regulations

These Campground Guidelines are here so you and your family will have a wonderful, enjoyable camping experience. Like other campers, please review these rules. They will be enforced. Please let us know how we can improve these guidelines, as suggestions are always welcome.
  • 1. ALL GUESTS AND VISITORS: Must register in the office.Violators will be considered trespassing on private property and subject to immediate prosecution.
  • 2. CHECK-IN 3 PM / CHECK-OUT 12 Noon: If you plan to stay beyond check-out time, please advise the office by noon. There will be an early check-in fee of $3.00 per hour and a late check-out fee of $3.00 per hour.
  • 3. DAY VISITORS: Must register at the Office and pay a day use fee. Visiting hours are over at 11 PM.
  • 4. SPEED LIMIT: 5-1/2 miles per hour in park.
  • 5. QUIET HOURS: Are from 11 PM to 8 AM. Campers disturbing their neighbors after quiet hours will be asked to leave. Quiet motorcycles allowed. Campers riding loud motorcycles will be asked to leave.
  • 6. CHILDREN: Please know where your children are at all times. Children under 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult to the pool. Children under age 8 must have an adult with them in restrooms and laundry room.
  • 7. PETS: Must be kept quiet and on a leash and are not permitted in buildings or swim area. Owner is responsible for cleaning up of pet residue. Pets should not be left unattended at your campsite at any time. Loud birds are not welcome.
  • 8. GARBAGE: Place all garbage and trash in the dumpster located inside the white lattice fence by the office. Do not place branches, leaves or brush into dumpsters or let trash sit outside.
  • 9. FIRES: Campfires are fun, but can be dangerous! Please use common sense. Firewood is sold in the store and can be gathered from the ground, but DO NOT CUT any standing trees (alive or dead). Fires should be made in fire rings only. Please help keep our sites nice by not making a new fire circle. Before leaving your campsite or retiring for the night, PUT YOUR FIRE OUT COMPLETELY.
  • 10. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: There is no objection to the moderate use of alcoholic beverages if kept at your campsite, however, at NO time will the use of alcohol by minors be permitted.
  • 11. SEWER DRAIN: Sewer drain hoses should have a donut seal or a sealing type fitting.
  • 12. WASHING VEHICLES: R.V. $8.00 fee, autos/trucks $5.00 fee. Must Have Permit.
  • 13. Loud motorcycles are not welcome